Weekly Current Affairs 03-12-2018 to 09-12-2018 Current Affairs -General Knowledge Quiz

Current Affairs -General Knowledge Quiz

1. By what name has the Indian Food Safety and Standards Authority (FSSAI) initiated the campaign to make people aware about the effects of Trans Fat?
a Heart Attack Rewind
b. Zero trans fat
c. Life without oil
d. Food Vessel Oil
2. On the closing ceremony of the G20 summit, which year was announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modito host India‘s Summit?
a 2019
b. 2020
c. 2021
d. 2022

3. Which website has been launched by the Ministry of Civil Aviation to register for drone flying in India?
a Digital drones
b. Digital sky
c. Drone fly high
d. Drone in india
4. Which engine train of Indiacompleted the trial run at 180 kmph?
a. Hamsafar
b. Gatiman
c. Train-18
d. Train -20
5. According to the data released by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, what percentage of the 8 core infrastructure sector was in October 2018?
a 2.8%
b. 4.8%
c. 3.8%
d. 5.8%
Weekly Current Affairs 03-12-2018 to 09-12-2018 Current Affairs -General Knowledge Quiz

6. On which of the following days is the Indian Navy Day celebrated?
a December 1
b. December 2
c. December 3
d. December 4
7. In which of the following cities was the first India-Asian Innotech Summit organized?
a Istanbul
b. Peaching
c. Singapore
d. new Delhi
8. India‘s Republic Day 2019 Chief guest is-
a Cyril Rumphosa
b. Immanuel Makrón
c. Sergio Materella
d. Theresa May
9. National Women’s Commission has been taken which regiona women candidates for livelihood program through skill development and special training?
a Northeast Region
b. Central indiaregion
c. North India
d. South india
10. What is the name of the bilateral air exercise organized between the Japanese Air Self Defense Force (JASDF) and the IAF?
a Terryacak-02
b. Shinuyu Maitri-18
c. Spark-20
d. NTT-150

11. Recently, Gautam Gambhir, who retired from all forms of cricket, called on his name on the social media by releasing a video called Sannyas?
a Unbeaten
b. iron Man
c. Unmachad
d. Transformer
12. What is the name of the largest satellite of ISRO that was recently launched from French Guyana?
a GSAT-10
b. GSAT-11
c. PXY-20
d. GSLV-15
13. Who is the fourth woman after Priyanka Chopra, Roshni Nadar Malhotra and Kiran Mazumdar Shaw on the list of the 100 most powerful women in the world released by Forbes?
a Sonia Gandhi
b. Deepika Padukone
c. Sania nehwal
d. Shobhna Bhartiya
14. Which among the 100 Most Powerful Women of the World, released recently by Forbes, is the first woman?
a Iwanka trump
b. Opera winfrey
c. Angela Merkel
d. Serena Williams
15. World Bank has announced a plan for how many billion dollars of investment in tackling the problem of climate change during 2021-25?
a $ 100 billion
b. $ 200 billion
c. $ 300 billion
d. $ 400 billion

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