Maharashtra Forest Dept Forest Guard Recruitment 2019 Mahapariksha Vanrakshak Exam Pattern and Syllabus

Mahaforest Recruitment Exam Pattern and Syllabus for Mahapariksha ForestGuard Jobs

Mahapariksha Forest Guard Exam Syllabus: Recently online applications are closed for the Forest Guard jobs of Maharashtra Forest Department recruitment. Now it’s the time to prepare for the written examination of Mahapariksha forest Guard Jobs recruitment. Mahaforest Mahapariksha
Written exam will be conducted for 120 marks for this Forest Guard jobs. Written exam will be held in the month of March or April 2019. Admit Card for this written exam will be available 10 days before the exam date. Candidates must have prepare the given syllabus topics to crack this Forest Guard Exam 2019. Written exam topics are English, Marathi, Marathi Language and General Knowledge. Exam Pattern and Syllabus, Syllabus PDF is updated below for this Mahapariksha Forest Guard Jobs recruitment Exam 2019.

Exam Pattern and Syllabus for Maharashtra Mahapariksha ForestGuard Jobs Recruitment 2019:

Exam Pattern for Mahaforest Forest Guard Recruitment 2019:

Written Exam for this Forest Guard jobs will be conducted for 120 marks. Total 120 questions will be given and exam duration in 200 Minutes.
Exam Pattern is
Marathi Language-30 Marks
English-30 Marks
General Knowledge-30 Marks
Intelligence Test-30 Marks

Marathi Language Syllabus for Mahapariksha forest Guard Exam 2019:

अलंकार:-अर्थान्तरन्यास,उत्प्रेक्षा, भ्रांतिमान,व्यक्तिरेक ,अनन्वय, स्वभावोक्ती
वृत्त:- ओवी ,नववधू,भुजंगप्रयात ,पादाकुलक ,अभंग ,वसंतततलका
वाक्यरूपांतर:- के वल , संयुक्त,तमश्र
प्रयोग:- कततरी ,कमतणी ,भावे
) समास _ मध्यमपदलोपी ,कमतधारय,तवभिीतत्पुरुषद्वंनवद ( समाहार ,इतरेतर, वैकतलतपक ),
)काळ :- सवत(स्थुलस्वरूपाचापररचय)

English Syllabus for Mahaforest forest Guard Jobs Exam 2019:

• Similar Word, Opposite Word, Common Vocabulary, Sentence Structure
• Use of Idioms and phrases & their meaning and comprehension of passage.
• Sentence Conversion: Simple, Compound & Complex Sentences
• Grammatical Voices – Active, Passive, & Imperatives sentences
• Phrases & Proverbial Sayings
• Compound- Determinative, Appositional, Numeral, Attributive, Copulative, Adverbial
• Tense –All, (Present/Past/Future)(Simple/Continuous/perfect/perfect continuous)
Maharashtra Forest Dept Forest Guard Recruitment 2019 Mahapariksha Vanrakshak Exam Pattern and Syllabus

General Knowledge Syllabus for Mahapariksha forest Guard Exam 2019:

General knowledge related topics include Maharashtra‘s history, work of social reformers in
Maharashtra, Forest Environment, Environmental studies, Weather, Biodiversity, Forest, Wild Life,  Indian State(Political) System, Geography,
Science, and Engineering, Department of Agriculture, Economics, Agriculture, Sports,
Cultural Events, Global, Current Affairs in Indiaand the State, etc.

Intelligence Test Syllabus for Maharashtra forest Guard Recruitment Exam 2019:

Intelligence test-related factors include the difference in number series, number series,
alphabetical series, and alphanumerical series, numeric characters and words incompatibilities,
numbers, letters and word discrepancies, encoding, disambiguation, logical figures, vein figures,
relationships, mathematical rationality, logical explanation of details, direction etc.

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