Current Affairs -ALL Competitive Exams-General Knowledge as on 30-01-2019

1. What is the name of the former Defense Minister of India, who led the country’s biggest railway strike in 1974 and which has recently passed away?
a Sharad Pawar
b. Jaswant Singh
c. George Fernandes
d. Arun Jaitley
2. Which company has been declared the most valuable company of India in a recent report released by London’s Consultancy firm Brand Finance?
a reliance
b. Tata group
c. Infosys
d. Zee Media

3. According to a recent report released by the World Steel Association (WSA), which place is India in terms of steel production?
a first
b. Second
c. The third
d. The fourth
4. Which state government has recently inaugurated the construction of 11,000 new classrooms in 250 state government schools?
a Uttarakhand government
b. Government of Uttar Pradesh
c. Bihar government
d. Government of Delhi
5. The busiest airport in the world?
a Dubai
b. Delhi
c. London
d. Paris
6. In what place of the gene blaNDM-1 associated with the superbug found in India 11 years ago, the identity has been ensured?
a Alaska
b. Australia
c. Arctic
d. Sahara Desert
7. What is the name of Aerospace Startup of Jeff Bezos, the world’s richest person who has started the construction of his new rocket engine plant in the US?
a Ultra tech
b. Sky Y
c. Red rocks
d. Blue origin

8. What is the name of former CEO of ” Starbucks ” who has recently said that he is seriously considering to contest the presidential election?
a Daniel Roberts
b. Howard Schultz
c. Jean Pierre
d. Demi Albert
9. Speaking about which country the United Nations said, at least 890 people were killed in the region’s three-day ethnic violence? And here are more than 50 collective tombs?
a Egypt
b. Venezuela
c. Congo
d. Greece
10. India’s cricket team has succeeded in winning the series on home ground only after 10 years against which country’s team?
a England
b. Sri Lanka
c. West Indies
d. New Zealand

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