Current Affairs -ALL Competitive Exams-General Knowledge as on 25-01-2019

Current Affairs As on 25-01-2019 General Knowledge Questions-GKToday

1. Indian Naval Chief Admiral Sunil Lamba inaugurated the new naval air base of INS Kohasa on 24th January, 2019?
a Andaman-Nicobar
b. Cochin
c. Kolkata
d. Porbandar
2. What is the name of the world’s smallest and lightest satellite created by students which ISRO has launched?
a StudentSat
b. Kalamsat
c. Edusat
d. Tecasat

3. Which of the following is celebrated on 24th January every year?
a National Disability Day
b. National Water Day
c. National Soil Day
d. National Girl Child Day

4. Which of the following litterateur has recently been awarded the Saraswati Award?
a Nadeem Khan
b. Archana Devpuri
c. Sitanshu yashaschandra
d. Ashutosh Kovilikar
5. The Cabinet has recently approved the formation of the National Bench of the GST Appellate Tribunal, how many members will it be in addition to a speaker?
a Two
b. three
c. Four
d. Five
6. The Delhi Waqf Board has increased the monthly salary of all the imams of the mosques under which it has been increased from Rs 10,000 to thousands of rupees?
a 18,000
b. 15,000
c. 20,000
d. 28,000

7. Exemplary Terrorism In the year 2004, martyr Lance Naik Nazir Wani, who joined the army, will be honored with the gallantry award of the following posthumously on the occasion of Republic Day?
a Param Vir Chakra
b. Shaurya chakra
c. Kirti chakra
d. Ashok Chakra
8. Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has recently announced the breakdown of political and diplomatic relations with which country?
a America
b. Nepal
c. India
d. China
9. According to National Steel Policy (NSP) in 2017, how many million tonnes of steel has been set to produce 2030-31?
a 400 million tons
b. 500 million tons
c. 300 million tons
d. 600 million tons
10. The growth rate of the Indian economy is estimated to be 7.5 percent in 2019 and in what percentage in 2020?
a 8.7 percent
b. 7.7 percent
c. 7.2 percent
d. 9.7 percent

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