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Current Affair In English,General Knowledge For All Competitive Exams- GK Today 15/02/2019

                       Current Affairs Quiz General knowledge today 15/02/2019
1. In the report of Expert Committee on National Minimum Wage, how much is the minimum wages suggested for keeping?
a  Rs.9,750
b. Rs.10,000
c. Rs.10,500
d. Rs.11,200

2. Which of the following took over as the Chief of Staff of the Eastern Naval Command recently?
a Vice Admiral S.N. Screaming
b. Vice Admiral N.A. More
c. Vice Admiral Deepak Shah
d. Vice Admiral Ujjwal Nikam

3. Prime Minister Shram Yogi Mann Yojana has come into effect from 15th February, 2019. Under this, how many rupees have been made to provide monthly pension?
a. Rs.3,000
b. Rs.4,000
c. Rs.5,000
d. Rs.6,000

4. Who of the following has been appointed as the new Election Commissioner recently?
a. Op kohli
b. Devendra Singh Rawat
c. Sushil Chandra
d. Vivek Kaushik

5. In a recent report released by the Kis International Association, it is said that in the states of Bihar, Bengal and Rajasthan in India, there is still a bad marriage of child marriage?
a. world Bank
b. Unicef
c. CII
d. ADB

6. Which state government has announced compensation of Rs 5 lakh to the kin of 52 people who died in the 2002 incident of burning a train in Godhra?
a. Gujarat government
b. Bihar government
c. Punjab government
d. Rajasthan government

7. Which country’s scientists have claimed to create the first robot that can go back to its base by inspecting the surroundings without using GPS?
a. Nepal
b. China
c. Russia
d. France

8. American Space Agency NASA has told that for the year to launch the new space telescope under the ‘SPHEREx’ mission to detect the origin and evolution of the universe?
a. Year 2030
b. Year 2033
c. Year 2023
d. Year 2053

9. What percentage of the stake is offered in the Air India’s ground handling company, Air India Air Transport Services (AIATSL), which is struggling with cash crisis?
a. 50 percent
b. 100 percent
c. 20 percent
d. 60 percent

10. India opposed the suicide attack on CRPF personnel in Pulwama, which of the following countries has announced the withdrawal of the Most Favored Nation (MFN) status?
a. Pakistan
b. Nepal
c. China
d. Russia

1.a  Rs.9,750
2.a Vice Admiral S.N. Screaming
3.a. Rs.3,000
4.c. Sushil Chandra
5.b. Unicef
6.a. Gujarat government
7.d. France
8.c. Year 2023
9.b. 100 percent
10.a. Pakistan

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