Current Affair In English,General Knowledge For All Competitive Exams- GK Today 05/02/2019

Current Affairs Quiz General knowledge today 05/02/2019

1. To avoid US sanctions, which European countries have announced the formation of a new payment channel for trading with Iran?


2. What name has been recently given to the Dwarf galaxy discovered by NASA’s Hubble telescope?
a. Bedin-1
b. Insigna-11
c. Rewin-1
d. Cairo-23

3. Which Hindu female candidate of the US Democratic Party has recently announced to contest the presidential election of 2020?
a. Kamala harris
b. Nutan Ghosh
c. Tulsi gabard
d. Ranjana Desai

4. In which state the Endosulfan movement has been announced recently?
a. Bihar
b. Tamil Nadu
c. Kerala
d. Andra Pradesh

5. On which day is the World Wetland Day celebrated in the whole world?
a. 02 February
b. 03 February
c. 04 February
d. 05 February

6. President Ramnath Kovind will confer the Music Natak Academy Award for the year 2017 to many known artists of the country on 06 February 2019?
a. 42
b. 50
c. 60
d. 55

7. According to government data, during the April-December period of FY 2018-19, the country’s fiscal deficit was about Rs. 100,000 crore, which is 112.4% of the target set in the budget?
a. 5.01 lakh crores
b. 4.01 lakh crore
c. 7.01 lakh crore
d. 8.01 lakh crores

8. By changing the rules, the central government has allowed women to work in the mines till 6.00 am till the evening till the evening?
a. By 8 o’clock
b. By 10 o’clock
c. Until 9 o’clock
d. By 7 o’clock

9. According to the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, Kamal Nath, while implementing the promises of the ‘Letter’, how many percent of the employment in the state-funded industries has made it mandatory to give local people the same?
a. 70%
b. 50%
c. 40%
d. 30%

10. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has announced the help of millions of rupees to Venezuela, who is suffering from political, economic and humanitarian crises?
a. 186 crores
b. 386 crores
c. 286 crores
d. 206 crores

1. d. INSTEX

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