Computer Terminology Knowledge Questions Day2 10 questions Total 317 questions For All Competitive Exams

Basic Computer Questions for all competitive Exams Day-2 Written as on 11-10-2017

11) In HTML and HTTP what does P and L stands for respectively?
a) Protocol, Location
b) Protocol, Language
c) Print, Linux
d) Program, Location
12) In Computer Terminology Charts, Diagrams, Graphs referred as
a) Graphics
b) Figures
c) Animations
d) Sketches
13) Website Address referred as
a) URL
c) WWW
14) In ISP What “S” stands for
a) Service
b) Sources
c) Select
d) Server
15) Database is a
a) Structured Data
b) Hard Disk
c) Data Foundation
d) Data Reduction
16) In Internet .org refer to
a) Commercial Company
b) Networks
c) Organization
d) Educations

17) In LCD what D stands for
a) Digital
b) Data
c) Disk
d) Display
18) Closing the computer system completely is known as
a) Exit
b) Shut Down
c) Close
d) Sleep
19) What does I stands in EBCDIC
a) Interchange
b) Information
c) Input
d) Icon
20) ALU Data Comparison is known as
a) Logical Operation
b) Arithmetic Calculation
c) Searching
d) Calculation

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