Computer Terminology Knowledge Questions Day-5 10 questions Total 317 questions For All Competitive Exams

Basic Computer Questions for all competitive Exams Day-5 Written as on 14-10-2017

41) To Erase or cancel a block of text of file we use
a) Exit
b) Erase
c) Delete
d) Cancel

42) Mouse is an
a) Output device
b) Input device
c) Both input and output device
d) Storage Device
43) The Process of scanning the contents of a file is called as
a) Scanning
b) Browsing
c) Editing
d) Reading
44) A value that does not remain constant during processing is known as
a) Constant
b) Function
c) Parameter
d) Variable
45) Retrieval of Information is called as
a) Deleting
b) Copying
c) Accessing
d) Storing
46) The collection of elements of same data type is called as
a) Structure
b) Array
c) File
d) Union

47) WAN Stands for
a) Wide Area Network
b) Wireless Area Network
c) World Area Network
d) Work Area Network
48) A high quality output for both text and graphics is given by
a) Ink Jet Printer
b) Laser Printer
c) Dot Matrix Printer
d) Desk Jet Printer
49) Information is a
a) Sums a data
b) Collection of Data
c) Text
d) None
50) Assembly Language
a) Machine Independent
b) Machine dependent
c) High Level Language
d) Structured Language
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