Computer Terminology Knowledge Questions Day-12 10 questions Total 317 questions For All Competitive Exams

Basic Computer Questions for all competitive Exams Day-12 Written as on 29-10-2017

121) Gas Plasma is a
A) Software used in a Gas Agencies
B) Type of Printer
C) Voice recognition Device
122) Which of the following is not an input device?
A) Keyboard
123) Plotter is used to produce
A) Maps
B) Text
C) Microfiche
D) Soft Copy
124) QUERTY is a
A) Type of Software
B) Commonly used keyboard
C) Querty Language
D) Question and answer type
125) Multiprogramming Means
A) Multiple Programmers are awaiting a same program
B) The capability to process many programs at a time
C) More than one program for particular process
D) More than one program for particular program

126) CAD Stands for
A) Connectivity And Deactivity
B) Computer Advertisements
C) Computer Aided Design
D) Category of Advance Technologies
127) Pick the odd man out
A) Mainframe
B) Mini
C) Super
D) Internet
128) What are the first computers?
A) Super Computers
B) Mainframe Computers
C) Mini Computers
D) Micro Computers
129) Which of the following is not an application software?
A) Word Processing
B) Payroll Processing
C) A language Translator
D) ATM processing
130) Which of the following is not an example of system of software
A) Language Translator
B) Utility Program
C) Word Processor
D) Operating System
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