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Computer Terminology Knowledge Questions Day-4 10 questions Total 317 questions For All Competitive Exams

Basic Computer Questions for all competitive Exams Day-4 Written as on 13-10-2017

31) DOS Stands for
a) Drive Operating System
b) Disk Operating System
c) Device Operating System
d) Data Operating System
32) In Keyboard F2 Key Stands for
a) Run
b) Save
c) Compile
d) None
33) GUI Stands for
a) General user  Interpretation
b) Global User Interface
c) Generalized User Information
d) Graphical user Interface
34) Physical Components f a computer Constitutes
a) Hardware
b) Software
c) Firmware
d) None
35) On visual display unit VDU Characters printed on each line is
a) 60
b) 69
c) 79
d) 80
36)  RAM is also called
a) Static Memory
b) Volatile Memory
c) Bothe a & b
d) None

37) A number system with base 8 is
a) Decimal Number system
b) Binary Number System
c) Octal Number System
d) Hexadecimal Number System

38) Set of rules governing the transfer of data between computer co-peripherals or within a computer is called as
a) Protocol
b) Program
c) Instruction
d) None
39) In RAM we can perform
a) Only Read
b) Only Write
c) Both Read and Write
d) Neither read not write
40) Bit is a
a) Binary Digit
b) Octal Digit
c) Decimal Digit
d) Pixel

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