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Computer Terminology Knowledge Questions Day-3 10 questions Total 317 questions For All Competitive Exams

Basic Computer Questions for all competitive Exams Day-3 Written as on 12-10-2017

21. A device that reads, write or erased data on storage medium is called
a) Printer
b) Head
c) Copier
d) Duplicator
22) In Internet Terminology int refers to
a) Internet Services
b) International Organizations
c) Internet Technologies
d) None
23) In E commerce BZC Means
a) Business to Consumer
b) Business to computer
c) Buyer to Consumer
d) Consumer to Consumer
24) What does R stands in OCR
a) Random
b) Real
c) Recognition
d) Real
25) In DBPS What does P stands for
a) Pixel
b) Program
c) Processing
d) None
26) Find the Correct Statement
a) The Main Memory contains both the data and Instructions
b) Logical Operation takes places during data compression in ALU
c) Both A and B are correct
d) A is correct but B is wrong

27) To detect locate and remove mistakes from a malfunction of a computer is termed as
a) Edit
b) Rectify
c) Update
d) Debug
28) A comprehensive Collection of Libraries of data
a) Data Collection
b) Data Bank
c) Data Hierarchy
d) Data Base
29) Diagrammatic representation of a program is done with the help of
a) Pie Chart
b) Dia graph
c) Flow Chart
d) Bar Graph
30) FORTRAN Stands for
a) Formula Translation
b) Formula Transformation
c) Formula Translator
d) Forward Transformation
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