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How to Keep Your Data Secure From Ransomware Petya Virus-Hackers Demanding $300 Ransome Bitcoin

One More Virus Attack Not Ransomeware It is Named PETYA

Petya New Ransomware Attack: Just over a month ago we have seen many Companies are affected with WannaCry ransomware which impacted more than 150 countries. Today the team of WannaCry attacked all over global with a new Virus named Petya (We can say Simply Son of Ransomeware). This Petya ransomware is initailly hit Ukrain Government Sites and then spread all over world. Today Petya or Petwrap, ransomware hit many companies all over Europe including government sites of Ukrain Country such as electric grids, banks, and public transportation. As usually WannaCry Team is demanding a $300 in Bitcoin for releasing Petya from their system. It is targeting all currently large scale companies only.

So how does this Petya attack will work, exactly? 

How to Keep Your Data Secure From Ransomware Petya Virus-Hackers Demanding $300 Ramsome BitcoinGoing after Windows servers, PCs, and laptops, this cyberattack appears to be an “updated variant” of the Petya malware virus. It uses the SMB (Server Message Block) vulnerability that WannaCry did, however in the case of Petya it encrypts, among other files, your master boot file. These messages recommend you conduct a system reboot, after which the system is inaccessible. This basically means the operating system won’t be able to locate files.

Now, the next question is – does this affect you, and what should you do to stay secure? Though this attack is largely targeting companies, it’s important you stay vigilant and take precautionary measures. We encourage you to follow these tips to help stay safe:

Always make sure your McAfee anti-virus is up-to-date to maximize the protection available to you.

Disconnect Your Internet Connection:
If you sense that your system is effected with Petay or Ransomeware the first thing you have to do is removing or disconnecting internet. As much quick you disconnect your system that much less trouble it gives.

Don’t click too quickly.
If you received any Suspicious mail or Spam Email check properly whether it is the reliable URL or not. For knowing it is reliable or not you have to hover on particular test/link then a link will appear. If you know the mail is came from a particular campaign then search about source in net for knowing the legitimacy of email. 

Back up Your System Quickly.
 Back up all your PCs or Laptops immediately. If your System is infected with Petya ransomware then you will never get a chance to access your data. So make sure your data is kept in a external hard disk in the form of Back Up every day. 

Use Updated Version of Windows and Make Sure your Antivirus in Uptodate:
 Petya is spreading fastly all over world like a smell of chicken soup. If your antivirus is not up to date then you have to smell the same.

You can get updated information about the Petya ransomware attack from here.

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