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After completion of your studies what are you going to do? Are you going to work for an organization or you start your own business. If you went to work for a company you have to perform several jobs as per the requirements of your company and you can earn a fixed salary every month.
But, instead of working for someone you can work on your own. That is you can run a Small business

retail shop, tailoring shop, beauty salon, restaurant, Internet center bakery and confectionary etc in your locality itself.  It means you to get engaged with trading or manufacturing on small business industry while providing some good service for a better price. These type of economic activities are the Self Employment Careers available in India.

Career in Self Employment in India:


Meaning of Self-Employment:

You knew that for living a life earning is also necessary. In your home or relatives parents, brother, sister all engaged with different kinds of activities to live their life. Have you ever followed their activities? What they are doing exactly? Possibly some are working for others factories, agricultural fields, shops, daily wages etc. And they are getting some fixed amount for their service. These persons are engaged with economic activities which is termed as a wage employment or paid ones. But, so many persons are engaged with themselves in an occupation or with a small business which they can handle on their own.
They will put their best efforts and takes necessary risks to build their career tremendously. The entire profits on their work will goesto them. All of us are seeing some grocery shops, medical stores, tailoring shops etc., in our local places. These are owned and managed by a single person without any help of the assistants. Their economic actions are called as self employment. So, when a individual or a single person engages in economic activity and does it on his own it is known as self employment.

Types of Self Employment:

                1. Self Employment involves doing on own and earns for them only.
                2. It involves ownership or management activities of a person when he/she assist one or                           two    persons providing them employments. So, self employment provides an                                       employment to others.
                3. Earning are not fixed in self employment. It depends upon the income and the services                         providing.
                4. In self employment the owner has to take to the profit and he/she has to bear the loss. So,                     you work hard you earn more in self employment.
                5. To begin a career with self employment it requires some capital investment.
                6. In self employment a person can take decisions by his own and there is no need to listen                       any one. And make an opportunity to expansion of their business.
Self employment gives complete freedom to work on their will within the parameters. In this way self employment defined as an economic activity which can perform as a gainful job. And it includes producing and selling goods, rendering services for a price and buying and selling goods.

Importance of Self Employment:

Career in self employment is a way of making beautiful lifefor their lifetime. Self employment is also a career just because of employing oneself in business or in service activities earns for lifetime. Unemployment is growing day by day and jobs are not increasing as per unemployment, in this time self employment is very significant thing. Importance of self employment is described below.

1. Advantage of smallbusiness:

Small scale industries or business has several advantages while comparing with the large scale industries or business. It can be started with a single one and requires a very small amount to become the owner. But for large scale business need very high capital investment and need many workers and has to overcome the evils like development of slums, environmental pollution and getting workforce.

2. Preference over wage employment:

In self employment you can earn on your own there no limit on earnings. Here they can use their own talent by themselves. They can take decisions quickly and handily. These are the truths to motivate for self employment to be chosen over wage employment.

3. Increasing the spirit of entrepreneurship:

Private enterprise involves taking risks because the capitalist tries to innovates new products and new methods of production as well as marketing. Most of the cases self employment involves no risk or having very less risk. But when the business is expanding he becomes entrepreneur. Therefore the self employment is launching pad for an entrepreneurship.

4. Endorsement of Individualized Services:

Self employment is may also take in the form of providing personnel services like tailoring, repair work, medicines dispensing etc. These type of services are very helpful for providing better customer service. These can be very easy to start by individuals.

 5. Capacity for Creativity:

It provides opportunity for increasing of creativity and skills in crafts and art, leading to continuation of the cultural heritage of India. Such as the products of handicrafts and handlooms etc.

 6. Reducing the Unemployment:

Self employment provides great opportunity of gainful occupation for unemployed. And they can give employment to some other unemployed.

 7.  An advantage to under-privileged in respect of higher education:

Most of them are not able to continue their higher education after secondary examination due to several reasons. That kind of persons can start their career as self employed in specific occupation which is not required higher education. It is also noted government giving more preference to self employment. A number of policies also initiated over all the country to encourage the private enterprise and self employment.

The conclusion is no need of a job and no need to work for someone with the self employment. This is all for know we will come back to you with some more interested topics please stay with us and share this article with your beloved friends through social media. You can write a review for this or you can comment so we will understand what your expectations are.

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