Civil services examination is one of the toughest exams in the world. Students who prefer to crack this spend years devoting themselves to studies. Did you ever thought what kind of books all the toppers of IAS exam have studied to reach there? Now that you have made your mind to crack this

exam, a right strategy, approach and perfect books are required to earn this most coveted position.

In this article, we bring you the 10 best books referred by the toppers of Civil services examination to make your dream come true.

1. Indian Art and Culture by Nitin Singhania

Civil Services examination tests your knowledge on various fields including Indian art and culture. This book covers wide range of topics like Indian art, architecture, paintings and music with the usage of pictures. The book also contains multiple choice questions and answers specially designed to make your learning easy. To save your time, order this book online on stores like Amazon or flipkart. On top of it amazing flipkart book offers are available on variety of books. Click here to buy now Indian art and culture

2. Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh

Keeping yourself up to date about the economical conditions in India is very important to crack this exam. Also you need to know how the economy is being managed from years. This book by Ramesh Singh gives you deep insight about Indian economy from basics. This book is preferred by every civil aspirant across the country making it one of the best sellers. Buy it now before the stock ends. Click here Indian Economy

3. Indian Year Book

Current affairs play a major role in cracking your preliminary examination. To serve the country you need to be aware about the happenings in India. Indian year book is prepared by a publication of the Indian Government. This book covers important topics like trade, economy; schemes implemented by the government and various others current affairs. Being prepared by the government itself, this book is authentic one and mostly preferred by all the aspirants.

4. A brief History of Modern India by Spectrum
Spectrum Publications are well known for their content which had helped many aspirants clear their examination. Many questions have appeared in the previous year exams directly from the content of this book. If you are seriously giving a try, then this book is a must in your list. Click here to buy now Spectrum


TO have a detailed on any topic, NCERT’s are worth reading before you start reading the other books. From social science, polity to Mathematics and English NCERT’s are available on every subject. Refer the books from class 6th to 12th and you are almost clear with the basics. Flipkart has compiled all the NCERT’s together to make your search easy. Buy the set today and embark your preparation. Click here to buy on flipkart NCERT

6. Physical and Human Geography by G.C. Leong
This book covers various geographical concepts essential for deep understanding of the subject. This comprehensive coverage on various topics like earth’s topography, climate, landforms, rivers, oceans, lakes etc makes this book a worth buy. With numerous illustrations, maps and diagrams this book creates interest in all the readers. Also each chapter ends with questions set on the topics covered. Buy this book today to boost your preparation Geography

7. History of Medieval India by Satish Chandra
This book covers a 1000 year period about the sequences of events and the empires that ruled all over India during pre- Independence era. This book is a perfect source to rely upon if you want to know the great history of India. Many toppers of this exam solely relied on this book for their preparation and achieved great results. Click to buy now Medieval India

8. Science and Technology in India by Ashok Singh
Questions on General Science are being asked more in number from past few years in Civil Services exam. Several contemporary technologies like bio technology, nano, laser, photonics etc are covered in this book. The role of science and technology in India along with the future prospects are explained clearly in this book. Students who have relied on this book for knowledge on science and various technologies have scored very well in their prelims. Buy this book now Science

9. 151 essays for UPSC mains
Many competitive examinations are now checking your writing abilities by including a descriptive section. Essay writing plays an important role in your selection once you clear prelims. Preparing right kind of essays will not only prepare for the exam but also saves a lot of your time. Arihant’s 151 essays comprise all the imperative topics one need to be aware of before taking any exam. This book covers wide range of topics stimulating your knowledge on different subjects. Buy this book today essays

10.Indian Polity by LakshmiKanth
This book is one of the most popular one to learn polity of India. It is a must read book for all aspirants aspiring to become an IAS officer. It has been a best seller since years and this 5th edition comes with 4 topics newly added for all the students. Buy this book today and become a connoisseur from novice on Indian polity. Buy this today. Click here Polity
Though there are many books from different publications, the above books are mostly chosen by all the toppers of IAS examination. If guided the right way, your goal is never far away. Buy the above mentioned books today and embark your journey of becoming a Civil Servant. All the Best!

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